Hippo Sound System
Origins (2023)

fun and diverse afro house sounds
a myriad of influences from afro house, bass music, jungle, dub, latin and worldwide dancefloor sounds reminiscent of kuduro beats, with the occasional hint of hip hop or downtempo make for an uplifting, varied record

The Hippo Sound System is a collective formed in 2018 by Bristol’s notorious ‘samba junglist’ DJ Hiphoppapotamus.
Fusing their favourite elements of world music and sound system culture they explore new possibilities between musical cultures, fusing ancestral rhythms with modern dance music. Percussive rhythms and heavy bass drive this vibe train as this Hippo and his percussionist/production partner, Munki, draw influence from all over. Including, Afro/Latin/world music, Jazz, Hip Hop, House, Breaks, Dub, Drum and Bass & Jungle for their productions. The result? A uniquely high energy and psychedelic global bass sound – complete with the flair of live musicians and the exciting builds and drops of bass music!

favorite tracks: gorilla, the race, jaguar dance

similar to: skip&die, buraka som sistema...

GEZAN & Million Wish Collective
ANOCHI (2023)

fucking wild japanese punk fusion something

first 2023 record to sweep me off my feet, i was not expecting this. weird, crazy, noisy, engrish, features bagpipes, and generally great. highly recommend listening to the entire thing, somehow it manages to channel the craziness into a cohesive ensemble: it's a proper album whose sum is more than its parts.

Is it primitive or futuristic?
Their current music speaks for itself.

favorite tracks: 誅犬 (#2), we all fall (#5)

similar to: ???

Kibrom Birhane
Here And There (2022)

excellent, modern ethiopian jazz record
deep grooves rooted in spiritual jazz, with some light funk sounds here & there. a great album from start to finish !

[...] Here And There is a conscious exploration and deep dive into the waters of life; complex yet harmonious soundscapes stem from a diverse range of influences across a broad spectrum, ranging from the sacred and profane, to the pioneering and contemporary.
Having absorbed thousand year old Ethiopian orthodox chanting as a child, while expertly acquainting himself with the traditional instruments of the region, Kibrom has focused his diverse musical talents studying past Ethiopian Jazz legends from the 1970s with modern day contemporaries while continuing to reach new depths and discovery.

favorite tracks: merkato, pendulum

similar to: mulatu astatke, arat kilo, black flower, gétatchèw mèkurya, heliocentrics...

The Blaxound
El Maravilloso Sonido Instrumental (2022)

aptly named groovy instrumental funk/soul record

The Blaxound come from Barcelona and are the project around the insanely talented Marta Roman, who writes all songs herself, produces them in her own home studio and finishes them with the help of great musicians from the local music scene.
Especially hooked on the soundtracks of the Blaxploitation movies of the 60's and 70's she creates her sound and relies on high quality arrangements. The good feeling immediately floats over to you and leaves traces in your auditory canal. With nine mature tracks on their instrumental album The Blaxound shoots itself into the hearts of friends of instrumental funk and soul music.

favorite tracks: mai tai, caimán, la reina del baile

similar to: delvon lamarr organ trio, the true loves, el michels affair, kerbside collection...