no ads anywhere, fuck that shit. music all the time, except when something breaks or needs updating

this site is created in a way that is sure to make web developers cry. some dirty 90s iframe fuckery is used to keep the audio player persistent without having to learn javascript. because of this, there may be some weirdness here and there. for instance, the site url will not change when you click links. back, forward and refresh buttons may not behave as expected. using a direct link to any page other than the main index.html will result in a lack of radio player (and some design elements). so just don't do it. or do it anyway, i'm not the boss of you

the design should be more or less responsive as long as you use popular device types. can't guarantee it won't look like shit on your 2003 Nokia or weird tablet, but i'm doing my best !

if you wish to leave a message, please use the guestbook !


how does it work ?
the radio is powered by the amazing open-source AzuraCast project and a music library i've been building and curating for about 15 years

known issues
- the volume bar is very thin on browsers other than firefox, and this is sadly out of my hands.
- some ISPs block my radio for some reason, you can change your DNS to go around that (use cloudflare DNS, open DNS, quad9, ...)

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